Get Married on the Blockchain!

The first “Blockchain Marriage” took place in 2014. Since then, many more people have been getting married on the blockchain. SmartVows provides an easy to use Smart Contract Service for marriage contracts.

A Smart Contract is a way of using the blockchain to create digital agreements between two or more people. The contract is always available for public verification on the internet through any blockchain explorer.  A smart contract can also store other valuable information, because it is highly secured and highly available.

SmartVows creates a marriage contract with a commemorative, detailed record of your marriage and vows on the blockchain, and each partner can optionally “sign” the contract on the blockchain. You can also use your Smart Contract to state your prenuptial agreement, last will and testament, and maintain a record of important family events.  The logic and source code of the SmartVows Smart Contract is publicly verified and published, available for anyone to validate online.

Science has shown that when a promise is made publicly, it is much more likely to be kept. This is why the blockchain is a perfect place for a marriage contract. When we make wedding vows, they are supposed to be forever. Putting them on the blockchain ensures that they are, and they are always easily accessible.

With Smart Vows, anyone can easily take advantage of Blockchain technology in a meaningful, personal way.  You do not need advanced computer skills, just a few mouse clicks and your smart contract is heading to the Ethereum blockchain.

SmartVows is a compliment to a modern marriage. Create your own marriage contract now or purchase a printable gift card that can be given as an engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift.


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