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  •    Easy to create Marriage Smart Contracts
  •    Powered by the Ethereum blockchain
  •    Modern way of memorializing Love and Marriage
  •    Cannot be lost, deleted, nor censored
  •    Customized smart contracts available


Create an indelible record of a marriage along with your wedding vows within a "Smart Contract" on the Blockchain, forever. Adding your marriage record and vows to the Blockchain ensures they will never be lost nor forgotten. They will always be publicly viewable on the internet.

Save additional family contracts such as Prenuptial Agreements, Last Will & Testament, and record life events within your SmartVows Blockchain Marriage Contract.

The Blockchain is for everyone. You can now easily make use of Blockchain without needing expert computer skills, with the SmartVows service. Use the secure registration form to begin a new Smart Contract.


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  • Complete secure form, optionally upload images of couple, now or later.

  • Checkout with secure payment options. Crypto payments also accepted.

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  • Tamper proof blockchain technology stores the contract
  • Smart Contract ensures both partners agree to changes
  • Always accessible from any public blockchain explorer
  • Pay with USD or Cryptocurrencies
  • Declare your love immutably on the blockchain
  • Public promises are more likely to be kept, reduces divorce

Frequently Asked Questions

Invented in 2008, Blockchain technology is a way of using worldwide distributed computing to provide permanent, publicly verifiable records of transactions and data. Using advanced cryptography, the data is stored and secured in a massive public ledger, fully replicated on thousands of node around the world. There is not just one Blockchain, there are many, used for different purposes.

You have probably heard of Bitcoin, which is the first major application of Blockchain technology. SmartVows uses the Ethereum Blockchain. Over the years, the internet has become more centralized with hyperscalers and large corporate interests owning much of the internet infrastructure. Blockchain takes the power away from these centralized organizations (and banks) and returns it to the people. It is the ultimate transfer of power to the people.

There is a cost to interact with the blockchain, which includes activities such as creating contracts, and that money goes to people that support the network by 'mining' the Ethereum and providing processing power to the network with their own systems.

The Ethereum network currently consists of over 20,000 computers distributed around the world and is growing all the time. Every record stored in the Ethereum Blockchain is stored on every node, thus creating thousands of secure copies of the data. Ethereum also offers the advanced capability to execute and store electronic contracts, called Smart Contracts. A Smart Contract can facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. This is why it is perfect for the commitment of Marriage and associated family contracts and events.

When you register with SmartVows and purchase a Blockchain Marriage Contract, the information that you submit will be permanently published to the Ethereum Blockchain. When completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view your contract on the Blockchain from any web browser, and how to interact with the contract.

After the contract is committed to the Blockchain, a few parts of the contract can be updated. The prenuptial agreement can be updated if both partners virtually "vote" to change it. The same for the Marital Status, which can be changed if the marriage is ended with votes from both partners. Partners can update their own wills. Instructions will be sent explaining how to interact with the contract. The Smart Contract will have all of the information that you submitted in the registration form. This includes your basic marriage information, vows, and uploaded images.

The standard marriage smart contract's code does not have the ability to accept Ether (it is not a "payable" contract), however we can create customized smart contracts that do. Please send us your request.

When you post to these services, you are putting your data on their corporate servers. While this is normally reliable for the short term, your memories are at the mercy of these corporations. They can delete, censor, sell your information at will. And they are making money off of you! Many free cloud services have disappeared or gone bankrupt over the years, and customers' data has been lost. There is no guarantee that Google or Facebook will be around in 20, 30,or 50 years, nor that a system failure won't destroy their data. Government institutions are not safe either, they are consistently targeted by Ransomware and can lose data. Data on the Blockchain has never been comprimised.

No, anyone's vows and marriage records can be added to the blockchain at any time. This makes it a great anniversary gift.

Our service uniquely allows you to pay for blockchain registration with major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

I think your software is so awesome and I recommend it to everyone.  What a great use of the Ethereum project.  Smart Vows was the best gift ever.  Thanks again we are so happy.

Robert - Inverness, FL

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